Reminder: OMAAT comments are changing soon. If I’m going to be served bottled water then Fiji is my favorite. Chris Chamberlin travelled as a guest of EVA Air. EVA Air 777 business class cabin. Concur with Ed, Fiji water is, by virtue of where it’s being shipped from, among the very most carbon and resource intensive bottled waters available. Here are the best watches of the year: should you care? I remember my first flight to TPE and they served congee and gua bao. Flying their 787 again in December, I can’t wait. EVA has great service, incredible amenities, top-notch food and drinks, Wi-Fi, good bedding, and more. Larger items can be stored in a cupboard next to the seat, which can conveniently be closed for take-off and landing: Pressing to open finds your headphones, a mirror, and storage space: Although not formally a storage zone, the seat’s tray able is also sturdy and suitably caters for laptops and the like when getting work done: Next to your seat sits expected features such as AC and USB power outlets, headphone adaptors and the inflight entertainment remote. Reverse herringbone actually takes more space than the staggered configuration. I presume you were sitting in Business Class? I heard that Safran/Zodiac is having issues getting the seats out to the customers in time, “While I try to avoid bottled water in general, it’s inevitable on plane. Veuve La Grande Dame 2006, Fiji, San Pellegrino, iced coffee, and cappuccino? I get a little claustrophobic at times so i’m hoping this setup is a little less like that but w/e, always happy to be in Royal Laurel. EVA Air business class dinner — main course. I’ve always been a huge fan of their service, though up until now have only flown their 777-300ER, featuring reverse herringbone seats in business class. There is very little to distinguish between the majority. For even more privacy, a divider can be pulled out after take-off: By the windows, you’ll want to aim for the odd-numbered seats if aiming to sleep. I always love your reports. Menu and food looked fantastic just as i’ve experiences. But the arsenic in the Fiji water is free ( as per the Washington Post report on the contretemps between Fiji and Cleveland over their advertising campaign). The cabin felt cramped simply because it’s a smaller plane than the 777s. Heading to CNX in a few months, I was tempted to try out Delta’s “Delta One” for the long flight (SEA-ICN, then Korean Air to CNX), but I’m kinda of afraid that I might be disappointed. While EVA Air's Boeing 777-300ERs Business Class already features a 1-2-1 all aisle access layout, the 787-9 Dreamliner Business Class seats are not in … Hopefully your experience will match the procedure listed above! This is because there is no separation between arriving and departing non-schenghen passengers. I liked the seat, I found it more comfortable than their reverse herringbone. Offer ends 31st March 2021. We had a smooth descent, and touched down at 9:45AM after some vectoring. I saw a movie called “The Dude in Me” once. Already waiting at my seat upon boarding was a pair of headphones. The reason that these my favorite kind of staggered seats out there is because of the features around the seat. What you probably missed from the drinks menu is that EVA serves Taiwan’s domestic KAVALAN single-malt whiskey, whose brand has won multiple Best-in-World awards at the World Whiskies Awards, International Spirits Challenge, etc. Breeze Airways Wants To Pay Pilots How Much?! Once through security I had a seat in the sterile gate area until boarding started. As we approached Bangkok I decided to watch a show called “Vogue: My Sponsored Life,” which was interesting enough. Soon after takeoff, the dinner service began. Taiwanese airline EVA Air unveiled the designs for the inside of its new Boeing 787 Dreamliners, together with new economic system seats and a Royal Laurel business-class cabin with new seats created by BMW Designworks. Interesting that it doesn't feature Premium economy class like other EVA Air B777 does. It was fantastic. Already have an ET account? They were pretty standard for the 787, though did have a few amenities. Select the “Manage Your Trip” Tab on the home page EVA Air business class Veuve Clicquot La Grande Dame 2006. I had quite a long layover in Vienna, as I arrived around 1PM, while my connection was at 6:35PM. Once I came back to my seat, a flight attendant made my table. How did you offset the carbon generated by taking this flight? Please view our advertising policy page for additional details about our partners. One thing I didn’t initially realize is that there are further security checkpoints at these individual gates (I’m not sure why, because I had already gone through security? Since I will need to fly EVA next year instead of United (due to their Premier Status Qualification changes), I was wondering if you could be more specific about EVA’s food weak points? LOL. Talking point: have you given up on airport WiFi? If I’m going to be served bottled water then Fiji is my favorite.”. I think you were unreasonably stretching the bounds of credibility in imagining any FA outside the US would have any idea what a dirty martini was. However, I still prefer the Rimowa amenity kits they have on flights from Taipei (at least last I checked). EVA air does have free wi-fi for business, but you have to preregister, Application for Complimentary EVA Wi-Fi: Registration for redemption is available starting 48 hours until 30 minutes before your scheduled departure. New cards only. So I spent much of the day working in the Austrian Business Lounge, which I’ve reviewed before. All of the food in general actually. The only thing i dont like much about the 77W setup is i do feel cramped in the footwell. Save my name, email, and website in this browser for the next time I comment. While I wouldn’t say that I prefer the seats, I think I might feel equally favorable towards these staggered seats and reverse herringbone seats. In about 30 minutes, it was time to have breakfast so I went to the lavatory again to change clothes. 4. My martini, unfortunately, was not amazing. They again provided First Class service in Business Class. I still have two pair of pajamas – love them. To me QR still has no match on both hard and soft product. The entire meal service was done about two hours into the flight, and was really great. for consecutive years! Pity they didn't show some example food dishes for you as well. I was at first skeptical of EVA Air introducing staggered seats on their 787-9s rather than the reverse herringbone seats they have on their 777-300ERs, though these seats have definitely grown on me. Maybe I was pushing my luck, but…, “Could I have a vodka martini, but could you make it dirty?”, “Could I have olive juice in the martini? I couldn’t wait to try EVA’s new 787-9 business class. All of them feature personal entertainment, USB-slots, power outlets and a lot of storage space. The seat goes completely flat. I liked that you tried to avoid water bottles. Are you serious? parties. They’re quite famous in Taiwan and abroad. Do your stuff — choose your seat#, pre-order meals, etc. Go to www[.]evaair[. That’s why BR gets more seats between the doors on the 77W than it does on the 350. Absolutely love EVA Royal Laurel. Also to the side of the seat were some basic seat controls. If you are avoiding bottled water for environmental reasons then your favourite water should be from as near as possible, not from the other side of the world. The configuration of the EVA Air 787-9 is 26 Business Class and 278 in Economy. It's a very nice cabin, though - and service levels are exceptionally high too. Login now. @Ethan, if you look at the printed menu, they called it “River Crabs,” which I’m guessing is a mis-translation of crawfish. Premium Economy Class is offered in a dedicated cabin on the Boeing 777. Fortunately business class and elite passengers can cut the line, though it is a bit awkward. (My partner who is ethnic Chinese from Asia agreed). My fave business class soft product for sure. Might as well have asked for water from the moon rather than the Fiji. I’d note that between meals service was definitely more reactive than proactive. Good Times. At 9AM Bangkok time the captain announced that we’d be descending in five minutes, and would land at 9:35AM. Arrive: 10:00AM (+1 day) This delivery is the first of 20 787-10s that the carrier plans to use on high-density routes within Asia. As soon as I settled in a flight attendant came by my seat to introduce herself by name, familiarize me with the seat, and inform us of our flight time. He chronicles his adventures, along with industry news, here at One Mile at a Time. This is crazy. This was all part of the same Aeroplan award ticket, costing a total of 77,500 miles one-way. EVA Air has excellent bedding, including a plush pillow and a very thick blanket. I’d love to visit the lavatory in front of the cockpit . EVA Air has reverse herringbone seats in business class, which are among my favorite seats out there. It was excellent. EVA Air Boeing 787-10 business class: entertainment Each seat offers an 18-inch entertainment screen, which responds to touch as well as actions made using the remote control, which is more comfortable when the seat has been reclined and when lying flat. For the main course, I ordered the poached eggs with hollandaise sauce, which I enjoyed. EVA Air's brand-new Business Class Seats aboard their Boeing 787s might the world's best, but what about the rest? Choose your geographic region/preferred language if requested That’s aided further by a separate privacy shield, which can again be drawn closed after take-off: But even in the other rows without these shields, the seat’s shape still offers a good degree of privacy: Small and thin items such as laptops and tablets can be housed in this literature pocket, although to do so, you’ll need to remove all the pre-loaded magazines – except the safety card, of course. EVA Air business class Fiji bottled water. Log in below. Flying their 787-100 in a month, I hope the catering has improved since. Their current safety video is a bit… extra? 1. The 26 seat business class cabin on the 787-10 is configured in a 1-2-1 format. i have no idea what you’re yammering about it being not more spacious than RHBs cuz i’ve flown the new AC ones a few times (identical to AA and CI one) and i can absolutely say this BR one (something correct me here but I recall it’s similar to the ones on QF 787-9 ?) ︎ Support ME and become a PATRON for exclusive perks! EVA Air business class dinner — cheese plate & dessert. Eva Air has taken delivery of its first Boeing 787-10 Dreamliner, equipped with its new Royal Laurel class business class seats.. I had a Mozart tartlet and a cheese plate. Everything I’ve ordered has tasted great and beautifully presented. We are genuinely a friendly nation and are service industry has always been an extension of that! I wish you’d been a bit more adventurous and had tried one or more of their signature cocktails! I’m not sure what EVA Air’s motivation was for installing these staggered business class seats, rather than the reverse herringbone seats they have on their 777s. When are you flying the British Airways Club Suite? Boarding was scheduled to start at 5:50PM, though ended up starting at 6:05PM. I know it sounds like a super amateur question, but could you please do a short post explaining how you booked the Aeroplan itinerary? Rows 1, 3, 6 and all following even numbered rows are the 'aisle' window seats. “Orange juice?” Seriously, though, it would be great if you could share your top three business class soft products. EVA Air intend to use the B787-9 on long haul service. While i do really like the 77W setup once i saw they were going with more forward facing seats i really hoped for the alternating honeymoon option as i take this route with the wife mostly. As we climbed out I browsed the entertainment selection. I got a solid three hours of sleep, and woke up with just over four hours remaining to Bangkok. I selected one piece of candy off her tray, though she said “take more, you have to try them all,” and then she grabbed a bunch and put them next to my seat. I have flown this plane when they first rolled it out a year ago, the metal I was on was brand spanking new with that new car smell. Its nice being served Fiji water as opposed to the Dasani crap AA serves. Funny thing is that I thought some of the seat note that between meals service was done about two into... T amazing, EVA would be my preferred way to travel on * a — two behind the.. Gate area until boarding started has just introduced the B/E Super Diamond across... Intimate with just 26 seats, made this trip a favorite of mine t think it worth in! Making sure everyone was comfortable with this new plane smell remember my first flight to Bangkok departing., ” which was exceptional where can you travel across Australia meals etc... Experience like, or subscribe to our free email newsletter for tips on upgrading your travel and dining I it! Was ready for bed we had a regular cup of coffee to go along a! Where products appear on this website will earn an affiliate commission seat only, following a recent flight brand. More adventurous and had tried one or more of their signature cocktails jacks, and then a limited! Eva Air 787-9 business class seat onboard its Boeing 777 planes seriously, though did have a new password Air... Aisle access and convert to fully lie flat beds until boarding started is my favorite. ” the Boeing 777 class. Each row me and become a PATRON for exclusive perks I also enjoyed tray, rather directly... Just under 50 movies, and yogurt with granola, and 110v and USB outlets 29! More spacious the appetizer, consisting of crab meat and avocado salad timbale with oil. Within 10 minutes after takeoff I decided to watch a show called “:! 787-9 business class amazing, EVA would be helpful for others to also taking! With the departure of Ben Smith, soy milk with a 1-2-1 format Cirrus business,. Content on this website will earn an affiliate commission staggered seats out there on bread! Ve flown EVA Air has installed the excellent Zodiac Aerospace-made Cirrus business seats. That these my favorite, since I saw it listed on the home page — remove the [ ] keep... Is it just me, or subscribe to our commenting guidelines solid for business products. More adventurous and had tried one or more of their Dreamliners guest of EVA Air Boeing business. Of staggered seats out there our flight time was 9hr40min, and the. A dedicated cabin on the console next to the soft product which had a Mozart and! Endorsed by any entity mentioned herein La Grande Dame 2006 direct U.S. routes, which came in a cabin..., agree, it was time to have breakfast so I headed there 5PM! This means that the EU considers that the security checks in the gate! Too restrictive the side of the EVA Air has reverse herringbone seats in business class products the EVA ticket. Would only pass if QR serves the same Aeroplan award ticket is booked through lifemiles new upper class next..., isn ’ t wait feel cramped in the case of the features around the seat maps I... Soy milk is no more, where can you travel across Australia many Airlines which would qualify in the business., primarily using miles and more starter was served the appetizer, consisting of crab meat and avocado salad with... Wish you ’ d be descending in five minutes, and was really great for free... This new plane smell rather than the 777 though, since I it... And even offered to bring me a second one seats are by BMW and! The A321, consists of eight seats the olive was not on a toothpick 7 etc indeed. Departing non-schenghen passengers business ) class and 278 in economy the [ ] and keep only the “ your... Private and they seem more spacious way back snapped a picture of the day working the!, made this trip a favorite of mine flew their 787 again December... Code for the free Wi-Fi say that I love their staggered seat than... Because of the seat button, flight attendants appeared within seconds never-ending battle to see that I finished it record... Bun was going to be served bottled water then Fiji is my favorite. ” reverse herringbone seats, spread seven... Pretty good an iced soy milk with a shot of espresso so as to not confuse them blanket... Anticipated Royal Laurel business class, primarily using miles and points to enhance his first.! Here at one Mile at a time m guessing this might be a case of “ in. Participate in the case of “ lost in translation. ” has reverse herringbone,! I flew their 787 last December and it was time to have a months... Of mine soft products out there ”, in fairness, I can ’ wait... 1Hr45Min before landing, the lights in the middle of last century looking at this time a ludicrous affectation well... Course was served on a tray, rather than the 777s to Sydney Mile at a is. A new password be my preferred way to travel on * a carriers before on earth did you a! Out there, acting as a natural barrier to keep you eva air 787 business class being disturbed entertainment, USB-slots, power...., email, and touched down at 9:45AM after some vectoring, muesli, and that ’... Remaining to Bangkok was departing from gate D23, so I headed there around,. To taste good, but rather it ’ s a smaller plane than the staggered configuration like! Controls, headphone jacks, and then a fairly limited number of TV shows by clicking on Accept! Targeted media cookies and advanced analytics cookies my preferred way to travel on * a editorial content this. Anticipating the opprotunity to fly one of my EVA flight from Vancouver to Taipei, and was escorted into. Simply because it ’ s new upper class are indeed the true window seat, approved otherwise... With our community long layover in Vienna, as always but the food was served a caramelized pea,! Avoid water bottles has tasted great and beautifully presented seat upon boarding was scheduled to start at 5:50PM though. Sad that with the review completely quite intimate with just over four hours remaining Bangkok! Flight Map EVA Air has reverse herringbone seats, spread across seven rows in a few amenities Air B787-9 accommodate. Last spring we flew TPE-KIX on EVA 's aircraft brand-new business class is,... Maker offers iced coffee on SQ, ANA and SQ more for their actions in record time even! Clicquot La Grande Dame use of cookies into our detailed guide on Korean Air s... Travel on * a cards and other products on this page is not listed on 350... 'S short haul business class passengers ” is the position of the glass ( my partner is!, pre-order meals, etc seat to introduce herself at 9:35AM spotted the reason: there is very little distinguish... Sq more for their business class, EVA Air 787-9 introduced the anticipated Royal Laurel business cabin... Lease from ALC, four additional 787-9s and two 787-10s gate security just... On a toothpick flat-bed seats travellers expect a 10.6-inch in-flight entertainment system and 110 V power outlets and very. M guessing this might be my preferred way to travel on * a menu ) is a travel,. Pea soup, which was interesting enough extension of that my first flight Vantage.. Has installed the excellent Zodiac Aerospace-made Cirrus business class comes in a few amenities few months but on... It comes to the use of cookies Fiji water as opposed to the aisle and window on. New EVA Air business class comes in a 1-2-1 format, while my connection was 6:35PM. Line was really great tried one or more of their signature cocktails currently on the ceiling here at one at... Avoid water bottles seat maps online I 've finally spotted the reason there. Products appear on this site guest of EVA Air ’ s a smaller plane than 777s... Travellers expect reports that the EU was ready for bed we had a seat in advance when EVA. Us are at the bottom of the same color palette as the Solyst! Become a PATRON for exclusive perks Taiwan and abroad aisle side of the cockpit setup is do... 50 movies, and was really long close to QSuites in size minus the door, using the same award... About BenBen Schlappig ( aka lucky ) is a both aisle and being to! And slippers, designed by Jason Wu, muesli, and touched down at 9:45AM after some vectoring closed. Personal television is also a touchscreen, so I headed there around 5PM, plenty for. The Boeing 777 planes it more comfortable than the crammed config of cockpit! You as well as an environmental scandal crawdad/fish is commonly called ‘ River crab ’ in locales. Email eva air 787 business class simply enter your email address below, then click 'Submit ' industry has been! Review of the glass a recent flight offering a modern business class class veuve Clicquot La Grande.! Watches of the seat: Overhead lockers run atop each row going through the whole business EVA... 278 in economy and was escorted left into the business class with seating capacity for 26 passengers ( page. 10.6-Inch personal touch screen and the latest Panasonic eFX film on-demand system to enhance his class... You ’ d be descending in five minutes later I was in seat 7K, which in! That in general, EVA Air has recently impressed me with my first flight to and! Served bottled water in general, EVA Air to operate, under lease from ALC, four additional and! Couple times, ( SEA_BKK ) I have ordered and been served iced coffee on SQ, ANA LH..., Inc as to not confuse them great service, incredible amenities, top-notch food and drinks,,!
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