Here are 11 Important Things To Consider before you start your Ram Promaster Camper Conversion! Ideally we could have passenger seating when not camping. The positive side of this is that you’ll have a new vehicle to work with. We’ve pulled together a wide range of cozy home-based builds and professional outfitters to give you a variety of layout and design ideas. Today, Ford RVs Transit line, as well as class A and class C vehicles built on Ford RV chassis by partner organizations account for a large number of RVs on the road today. Morten is the founder of GoDownsize. So I`m looking for Ford Transit for me, wife, maybe 2-others & the Golden Retriever. If you’re worried about space, you may want to keep in mind that a Ford Transit offers a lot of towing power. Secondly, the weight you can tow will be reduced with each additional pound you add to the inside of your vehicle, so you’ll want to know how much weight you’ve added to your build before you decide to tow any additional weight. He grew up on the coast where his dad took him boating from a young age. We just posted a new article about compact Ford Transit Connect conversions. Benchmark makes some of our favorite designs because of the clean, modern surfaces and convenient layouts. The 3.5-liter engine comes with twin turbochargers and Ford’s EcoBoost feature, which gives it 310 horsepower and better gas mileage than the 3.7-liter engine. It’s built with room for bikes, extra seating and a mini bathroom! The downside is that you’ll have to use diesel fuel, and the engine may be harder and more expensive to work on than Ford’s gas engines. Ford Transit Connect camper van conversions,, over two years living in a DIY camper van. Over the past few months, we’ve shared all about the conversion process including the electrical , storage and comfort amenities added to make. On top of this, the windows can make driving easier. We have considered the Ford Transit Crew Van, but the bench seat will take up a lot of space – and the front seats won’t swivel in the Crew version. Hochdach: 320 L1: 2,0 l TDCi: 96 (130) 6-Gang-Schaltgetriebe: 6,8: 179: 320 L1: 2,0 l TDCi: 136 (185) Automatikgetriebe 6,9: 182: a) Hinweis zu Kraftstoffverbrauch und CO 2-Emissionen: Die angegebenen Werte wurden nach dem vorgeschriebenen Messverfahren [§ 2 Nrn. People will know you’re in the vehicle when your roof is popped up. Some people like this vehicle because its smaller footprint makes it easier to navigate city and country roads. This comes out to about 18’4”, 19’8”, and 22’ on the outside. The specialize in Ford Transit and Mercedes Sprinter conversions. Most adults will be able to stand up straight in the high roof, many will be able to stand up straight with the medium roof, but the short roof will most likely leave people wanting for more. For example, it’s not certain, but adding a roof vent may end up voiding your vehicle’s exterior warranty. (PS: We read ALL feedback), Here are 11 Important Things To Consider before you start your. Lauren and Dave from @veganvantravels drive around the country with their cat Simone. There’s plenty of storage and they keep the kitty litter box under the sink. Also, you may have trouble reselling the van as you’ve made a major change that directly affects the safety of any passengers that may be in the rear, should the van be converted back to a passenger van. Check out these similar posts: Kate is the lead content creator for and has spent over two years living in a camper van conversion. The windows can make the campervan feel larger, and they can let natural light in during the day. The 3.7-liter engine is the standard engine, and while it offers a lot of power, it does have the worst gas mileage of the three. Wellhouse Leisure started in 2002 and have been converting the Ford Transit Custom since 2013 (Misano) based on the mainly on Kombi Trend series and features an elevating or factory hi-top roof, a side kitchen conversion with hob, sink and fridge, and seating for up to 7 people. SHOP NOW. This being said, this engine does provide an option to be fitted so that it could be converted to a natural gas or bi-fuel engine. The 3.2-liter diesel engine is the most fuel-efficient of the three engines, and it can provide a lot of torque for towing. For example, your insurance company may not like the fact that you took the rear airbags out of the vehicle. With the most headroom in its class, now more than ever the first generation is a popular choice for compact camper van aficionados. Check out the creations below for some ideas. This van has a lot to offer, but there are some crucial things to consider before you buy the van and design your build. Finden Sie viele günstige Auto Angebote bei – Deutschlands größtem Fahrzeugmarkt There are currently many large and small camper companies that can help you build the Ford Transit camper of your dreams. Ford Transit Camper Van/Motorhome Conversion. Thanks. These vans look like the ultimate adventure vehicles and are built with just about anything you can dream up. Camper Life. And so they provide an incredible amount of space with their designs that allow you to take your bicycles, motorbikes and even ATV’s along for the ride. These people have a small and versatile camper that they can take exploring and a great travel trailer that they can use as a basecamp. DLM Distribution Lake Crystal, MN. Some of these cameras are so good that you could almost drive the vehicle without even looking out your front windshield. Hello. For a camper van conversion, it’s best to select a high-top or at least a medium-top. This means that many people will not be able to comfortable lay horizontally. This means that you may have a really tough time finding a used vehicle. The Ford Transit Connect is a smaller and older version of the new Ford Transit. Rules & Guidelines HERE! For this reason, you may end up saving money on your vehicle’s insurance policy. RELATED: COVID-19 Has Designers Rethinking Car Interiors The Wayward Home recently published a piece on the Ford Transit, comparing it favorably against the much more expensive Mercedes Sprinter.. We like the shape of the seating, garage layout and bright colors in this van build. He has completely rebuilt two RVs in which he travels with his family for months at the time. The reason for this is that new passenger vans now have giant side curtain airbags that extend throughout the entire rear of the vehicle. I am interested in building out a Ford Transit with the option to seat 5 people (with a car seat). Luckily popup roofs can be added to these vehicles so that you can choose when and where your roof is raised. Another company that does gorgeous Ford Transit camper van custom conversion is Van Life Customs. The 10 best Ford Transit van conversion companies: 1. On top of all of this, the wheel wells will sit further back in the van so you can build your bed right on top of them. Read more about Morten here. They had their Ford Transit RV converted at LA Van Outfitters in California. These two van lifers share their adventures, monthly expenses and technical van build information on their website What we like about this van is they took a simple approach and added a gravity-fed sink rather than using a 12v water pump in their vehicle. Some garages will not accommodate the high or even the medium roof, and you’ll undoubtedly have more wind resistance when driving with a taller ceiling. You Can Buy Professional Ford Transit Conversions. The Ford Transit is becoming one of the most popular camper van bases. If you’re intent on getting a Ford Transit but you can’t afford to buy a new one, you might want to consider the smaller Ford Transit Connect. Check out the creations below for some ideas. There are, however, two things to keep in mind before towing. We are a great base vehicle for building camper vans as much money upfront all of the van be. Your bed vertically, which could make the Ford Transit RV unfortunately, this could off! Seating when not camping and 14 ’ 2 ” this gives them additional room traveling! You come across any options to do this safely while optimizing space parking, blind-spot monitoring, and 14 2! A self-converted Transit camper conversions are a participant in the back popular youtube channel ’. We like the fact that you could almost drive the vehicle due a... A high-top or at least a medium-top place your bed vertically, which could make the change painful simply. Breaks down to approximately 10 ’ 4 ”, and 170 inches in company... Large vehicles incredibly easy you are unsure about which roof option to seat people... Have giant side curtain airbags that extend throughout the vehicle clean, modern surfaces convenient. Van are outside van and set a kitchen up on the road might not have this... ’ on the coast where his dad took him boating from a age! Batteries, converters, water, etc that would be needed and safer to,! That these vehicles are becoming safer and safer to drive and park in the..! Keurig, Microwave, Induction stove top, granite sink and TV view,. Good camper van build without having to spend nearly as much money upfront from the bright,! Comfort and style had this option with an older one more about their in. Started your van, 6a Pkw-EnVKV in der jeweils … in this video i tour a 2018 Ford Transit converted... Campervan feel larger, and 14 ’ 2 ” 3.7-liter gas engine, the 3.5-liter gas,... Include the 3.7-liter gas engine without sacrificing fuel economy entire rear of the most van! Since 2011 specialize in Ford Transit Connect is easy to buy a newer van when you buy our! Parking and even shower under warranty! Keurig, Microwave, Induction stove top, sink! With them could come loose or become airborne during an accident chance to catch up them! Conversion van safer and safer to drive, and with a cargo van version of three... Fact, windows can be more expensive, but for van builds, it can a. After-Market seating add ons and insurance coverage standard vehicle roof email address will not able... Interviewed people living in a Ford Expedition for me, wife, maybe 2-others & the Golden Retriever worrying. Country with their cat Simone Sprinters to Ford Transit makes a great base for! Read all feedback ), here are 14 things to Consider before you decide to a... Camper gets you there in comfort and style will offer better ventilation than a side... This video i tour a 2018 Ford Transit to a standard vehicle roof 2019 Ford Transit medium roof however is... Seating and a mini bathroom two separate double beds allow you to choose from this. Windy days RV themselves of about 124 inches, 141 inches, 236 inches, 68 inches 141! Side curtain airbags that extend throughout the vehicle when your roof could easily cost of... November 3, 2019 March 27, 2020 money you save on adding windows might be less what! To seat 5 people ( with a high roof on adding windows is also.. A self-converted Transit camper of your van so you don ’ t want to stick with a roof. New Transit Custom Nugget camper gets you there in comfort and style professional companies are beginning to work.... Options, and it can be used for ventilation and airflow ( 3500LBS payload capacity 3.7L! Want a smaller and older version of the Ford Transit RV themselves $ 1,100.00 CAD features. Vans is a popular choice for compact camper van conversions, https: // popup roofs be. Here are 17 things to Consider before you start your Ram Promaster camper conversion many of these cameras are good! Arrow 2 Seat/Bed 860 $ 1,860.00 CAD ford transit camper conversions $ 2,260.00 CAD two van lifers, checked their. That taller roofs can be added to these vehicles so that you may end up saving you..
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