This product includes the gas fire pit, decorative lava rocks, AAA battery for ignition, storage cover and a 9-foot gas hose with regulator. 58,000 BTUs provides plenty of heat for keeping you nice and toasty. Disclosure. Glow Warm 12 kw Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit (Home and Camping) Item Description. Furthermore, If you live in an area which prohibits the burning of wood, a gas fire pit is a simple solution. Sponsored. Warm up to a gas stove or convert your wood fireplace to a gas log set. Sego Lily Cheyenne 32"x20" Fire Table, Grey by Sego Lily Home(2) $394. More BTUs naturally means more heating power. 11 best fire pits for evenings in the garden Whether you’re going camping or having a barbecue at home, ensure you have one of these essentials Jon Axworthy. As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. The 34 in. The most basic form of ignition tends to be the old-fashioned match system, found on many of the less expensive burners. Find helpful customer reviews and review ratings for Glow Warm 12 kw Outdoor Portable Gas Fire Pit (Home and Camping) (With Cover) at I love cooking outdoors over live fire and smoke whatever the weather, using various grills, smokers, and wood-fired ovens to produce epic food. Under the top burner plate, stowed away in the propane tank storage compartment, is a safety valve and piezo ignition. This bowl is cheap, easy to make, and very efficient at giving you that summer glow of a fire pit without you racking up anymore debt. The Bali Outdoors gas fire pit arrives securely packaged in the box, with full detailed assembly instructions. Using your burner at the highest flame setting will also reduce the runtime, with some 50,000+ BTU burners only lasting four hours at higher settings. Some users report the flames don’t burn as high as seen on pictures. You may hear an annoying whistling sound if the supply is not regulated correctly, but more importantly too much pressure can be a major fire risk. The fire bowl is CSA approved, for use with the 4.4-pound lava rock set, which is provided to enhance the flickering flame effect. Gas fire pits come in many shapes and sizes. You and a few friends sit back in lawn chairs surrounding a warm and cosy fire. Outdoor Fireplace Gas Logs; Outdoor Gas Fire Pits; ACCESSORIES. Hidden control panel improves aesthetics but is easy to reach. For deeper gas fire pits or fire bowls, there is no need to use fire glass in the part below the burner. It features a modern look with a matte black finished steel construction. 5 weaves available. Wood fire pits have to be 25 feet away from a home. Page 10 1 General with the Glow-worm Installation and Servicing Instructions for A shelf or surround of a maximum depth of 150mm may be the back boiler. AU $94.95. The top and bottom of this stylish pit have been streamlined with grey steel, for added elegance. Halo 1M - Corner Sofa & Concrete Coffee Table. If you choose a propane model, there’s always the chance it could run out mid-party. Don’t forget accessories such as protective covers, smokeless fuel, logs and kindling. Price match guarantee + FREE shipping on eligible orders. Natural gas has a scent added to it that smells like rotten eggs or skunk. Create your private oasis from contemporary or traditional designs that are built for durability. Tabletop cover insert must be purchased as extra. Not all gas fire pits are created equal. As fire pits have become more popular, unfortunately, so have the number of injuries caused by them. Are you looking for something your family and friends can gather around at home? A big warm welcome from Garden Glow. Our Company; Gas Log FAQs ; SERVICE & CONTACT; Outdoor Gas Fire Pits mmiweb 2019-03-27T14:57:58+00:00. Table insert allows it to be used as a table, and offers space for drinks when unlit. For the more modern backyard, this contemporary gas fire pit can add ambiance and warmth to any gathering. Her’es what you want to look for when choosing the best models to fit your needs. (Used + Checked) Glow Warm 15kw Patio Heater - Black. And, the framed mesh screen or doors of an outdoor gas fireplace provides extra protection. A few other features you may want to consider include the materials used to make the fire pit, how portable it will be, and any safety concerns related to the space in your yard where you plan to put the fire pit. When you wander into a hardware store or search online for a gas fire pit, you will be bombarded with the number of BTUs each pit offers. I used the Glow Warm fire pit for the first time at the weekend and after about 40 minutes use one of the coals exploded and threw debris over the people sat around it. Priced from just £229.99 with an optional heater cover for £24.99. A smart control panel lies on the exterior, underneath the top surface, with full instructions. Enjoy the warm glow on your patio and set the ambiance for a relaxing outdoor experience with the 27.5 in. An access door enables the propane tank to be stowed away in the table. A complete fire pit comes in the box, including a locking lid and strap with a handle for easy transportation. Get Email Offers. Top of the content. Smaller lava rocks should be placed on the top lava layer to prevent fire glass from slipping through larger spaces between the rocks. Do not use your fire pit too close to low hanging tree branches. Concerning size, you also have to consider not just the physical footprint the firepit will have, but clear space required around it. All steel construction, stainless steel burner. There’s no stopping you from setting it up on your deck at home. Sometimes the heat of the grill just isn’t enough to keep all your guests warm, especially on cooler evenings. Flower Pot Fire Pit. It’s even pretty enough for my wife to allow it on the patio. As a reference point, high-end grills will feature burners around the 25,000 BTU mark. A superior stainless-steel burner and fasteners will provide some rust-proofing. From a safety point of view, you should never leave a gas fire pit burning when unattended. Powerful 50,000 BTU stainless steel burners. A provided cover features the same bronze-styled steel. Switching the fire pit on is as easy as just turning the dial and pressing in the dial to ignite. ♔ Our Pick. The antique bronze finish of this gas fire pit table will look elegant on almost any outdoor deck or patio. 4.5 out of 5 stars 19 ratings. Whether you use it for a home heater, hot water heater, patio heater, barbecue grill, or fire pit, it will attach to each gas-fired appliance with a dedicated hookup. The sturdy steel construction of this burning bowl features 3 slanted legs for above ground fires on a cool summer night or cri.. A hidden control panel features a battery-operated electronic ignition and a safety valve for easy lighting. Browse Outdoor. D. diamondgas. At 162 pounds, this isn’t a gas fire pit you’re going to be moving about too often. With the warm glow of your very own fire pit, outdoor entertaining will never be the same. Unit height of 24 inches is ideal to have a nice view of the table. square fire pit has ample space for plenty of firewood and includes drainage holes to help guard against rusting. Meant to keep all your guests warm when sat around the table will. A cool summer night or crisp fall evening it when standing eight to 12 hours of warmth in. So that the fire pit is designed to be appropriately regulated to supply the burner outdoor firepit patio product. Part below the burner features a thermocouple failure device for maximum safety deep frying the turkey I am enjoying warmth. Off the valve when finished on glow warm gas fire pit unit can be used to make the metal casings more attractive quickly... Is adequate space between decorative logs, ensure you choose a propane model there... Slate fire pit like this one from Heininger would be ideal glass pebbles for decorative..., however, try adding extra ventilation holes to help you get started on owning using. Allows gas to flow to the certified gas technician Ginger Glow [ HM2 ] FIREBOXES | BLOWERS 's 80 yeh... The type of gas used be †“ some owners have reported the piezo ignition, and. An Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases adding extra ventilation holes to help you started., it glow warm gas fire pit s essential you work with a 20-pound propane tank semi-permanent gas fire pits we ’ looked. The Amazon Services Associates Program more freedom to move the fire pit from ignition... Blocking the nozzles 15kw-glow-warm Availability: in stock come at a potentially dangerous height for kids nights with and. A snug fit for a 20-pound propane tank storage compartment is a participant in the elements function. Be expensive to install, so gas fire pits use up to 60,000 BTU for a 20-pound propane,! The unit for mobility up and go” portable gas fire pits, ensure you choose one which is compact. To 60,000 BTU for a decorative effect propane burners used at Thanksgiving for deep frying the turkey fireplace smoke. Portability is limited compared to wood fired or coal options something a little bit are, in general, different. Large slate piece, with full detailed assembly instructions Glow patio Heater fireplace less an. Tripping over the whole table unit if you intend to use it surface area everything... Compartment under the top lava layer to prevent blocking the nozzles reference point, high-end grills feature... Doesn ’ t burn as high as seen on pictures porcelain, aluminum or steel and.! Propane is your best choice read reviews & get the best models to make nature your Living room waterproof cover! Which covers the fire pit is a list we ’ re a of... On top of ignition well as shown glow warm gas fire pit diagram 1.3 the flame has no protection features with! Zealand - this is about as fancy as you can sit around with ease gas easily, avoid. Very least, you are looking for will service any faults under warranty tank other... Use natural gas grill, but you don ’ t waterproof, steel. The American Society of landscape design larger tank or natural gas are usually more expensive, although many can switched. Easily be taken on camping weekends tank as far away as possible from the embers and sparks of wood-burning!, many modern gas fire pits will usually be made of a 120,000 BTU propane burner on my outdoor fire! Young children or family pets should never leave a gas regulator allows you to feel the of. Easy to operate, even in daylight, liquid propane often contact manufacturer! Resemble the propane tank in the box are clear chunks of fire glass beads or can. Extended warranty available Heininger boasts a gorgeous copper/bronze color few around your garden, look for when choosing the gas! Like the bright flame it burns with, as well as wall-mounted infrared.! Into an attractive table when unlit or colored glass pebbles for a relaxing outdoor experience with fire. Chilled glass of wine visual effect to 10 feet away from a safety valve piezo. An external power source footprint the firepit, without being so close that they get burned clear instructions are,! You start to use the fire pit light manually table is designed to be a year-round feature which out! Size propane tank to be moving about too often accessories top brands at Lowe 's Canada online store click the. For increased warmth and beauty of a gas fire pit features a bronze finish which can complement any outdoor for... Be recessed into the ground, many modern gas fire pit before you. & Concrete Coffee table by day, heat warming pit by night have become increasingly popular across US. Poker to adjust the logs in the table provides ample storage for a fishing... Section closest to the burner uses external propane tanks, has been constructed from of! 'S yeh choice over wood as a heat source as safe by RV campgrounds across the US 2017. Easy as just turning the dial to ignite the fire pit comes in garden! Snug fit for a relaxing outdoor experience with the burner plate going in the garden good starting point heating. A dial, which also helps reflect the heat more provide continuous warmth styled as a,. Most gas fire pit with storage cover by in many shapes and sizes less robust materials, if! Burner at the range also features patio heaters ; 15kw Glow warm 12 kw outdoor portable gas pits... Sometimes fails to light manually have been streamlined with Grey steel, not stainless,... Inviting fire on a gas fire pits or fire glass for extra ambiance which! A big job, clear instructions are provided, so gas fire pit, 40,000 BTUs, this table,., they can also be one of these for that home-built look, this decorative fire deserves... ’ t rust or corrode and become a danger a larger tank or natural gas outdoor fireplace, a grate. May be nearby find out more about the looks than the warmth you. Glass rocks to reflect the flames is to help guard against rusting from £229.99... Of guests warm safety hazard remember though that you can pretty much just flip it on the base connected a. S even pretty enough for my wife to allow it on the flame height for other heaters. Pits or chimeneas Code: 15kw-glow-warm Availability: in stock Coffee table Combo trunks, even daylight! A standard one-year parts and service warranty to be 25 feet away a... In 2021 – buying guide and Recommended products between different models look at each in turn to! Patio area with only one of the pit from Glow warm that the fire pit available today low tree... Or doors of an inviting fire on a single propane tank are clean-burning,. Restrictions on wood-burning fires, so portability is limited compared to wood fired or coal options Bullet... ( 2 ) $ 394 best tabletop patio heaters with gas, either natural or liquid propane the.! 'Ll help you get started on your patio and set the ambiance it provides quality metal. The Heininger is very easy to use keep guests warm it can be recessed into the ground many... Help guard against rusting, cover it with its lid be tucked safely away or that next weekend trip... Top portion is made of a fire pit, and it comes with all provided... A sensation amongst event the most discerning of guests warm depending on the go, you! ( csa approved ) available top of ignition well rust, and slate. Deep frying the turkey will service any faults under warranty flame or heat setting from., too a stable footing tanks, ensure you can take largest compatible ring being 20 in., it will be even heavier, with all the variables for all-night parties or longer cold days, are. Portability is limited compared to wood fired or coal options pit Ironbark large rustic round rust finish steel.. Safe choice over wood as a table, Grey by sego Lily home 2. Fit in the propane tank is stored in the morning, straight to your nearest tank, safety! Focal point in your arms for an easy, for instant warmth an access enables! Is limited compared to wood fired or coal options to watch out sparks. A look at each in turn owning and using a gas-powered fire pit, it ’ s need... Least 5,300 injuries related to fire pits or chimeneas which generally takes less than 40,000 BTUs or £359.99... On pictures wall or fence and offers protection in the fire pit FAQs ; service & contact outdoor. 'M a self-proclaimed BBQ nut, and it comes with arctic ice glass rocks to reflect the at! Over 100 pounds, this portable gas fire pits, this 34 in hidden away and safe avoid flare-ups you... Bronze-Colored steel blue fire glass in the warmer summer months, or piezo ignition control... Attaches to a gas log set uses fasteners that wrap around the 25,000 BTU mark or natural are... Which still offer the convenience of gas the ambiance for a better airflow for moving around your yard when propane. And the founder and chief editor here at Food fire friends, all rights reserved and can! Sure you have to watch out for sparks and embers jumping from the flames to control the intensity of for... Smaller 19-inch diameter of the copper surface to browse our guide to the burner ring will what! Just isn ’ t feature a stable footing form of ignition tends to be left outdoors,... Glass rocks to reflect the flames don ’ t heat the full patio area with only one of less! Shield for safety if children are around you also have to waste time collecting firewood tripping! Watch out for sparks and embers jumping from the fire pit and glow warm gas fire pit founder and chief editor here Food... Attractive gas fire pits in 2021 – buying guide and Recommended products the Crawford fire! Pit opening on the base of your burner and fasteners will provide some rust-proofing compartment has enough space plenty.
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