But, regardless of the work that is done, the amount of current flowing in the hot wire should always be the same as the amount current flowing in the neutral wire. We recommend Cathy purchase an adapter that properly signals the car to draw the required current from the outlet, such as this one from EVSE Adapters. Note: A single Wall Connector charging one car only requires a 60-amp circuit and breaker to charge the long-range battery at the maximum rate (32 amps for the standard-range battery). We cannot find any allowance for use of a 14-50 outlet for any other use. There is no 40-amp outlet made, so using a 50-amp outlet appears acceptable in this one narrow case. A Wall Connector bypasses the 32-amp limitation of the Gen 2 Mobile Connector, thus allows the long-range battery to be charged at the maximum rate of 48-amps, or 44 miles of range per hour. The Wall Connector has a dial that lets you configure it for the circuit amperage you are plugging in to. If aluminum wiring is not properly installed, over time it can cause dangerous overheating resulting in fires! You know not to fill an ice cube tray (if you still remember how we made ice before the introduction of automatic ice makers into homes) all the way up because water expands quite a bit as it gets cold and freezes. But buy the right version! Q: What is it that determines how much power the car tries to draw? Well, unfortunately, there is no such thing as safety, only degrees of danger. Explore charging options for your Tesla. Cars with the long-range battery have an onboard charger that can handle up to 48 amps. The #4 version plugs into a 10-30 in the wall and splits it to a 10-30 and a 14-50. What goes out must go back in. 14-50, included with older vehicles, Hubbell HBL9450A* The code requires no more than 80% of a circuit to be utilized for continuous loads. This is more than sufficient for overnight charging. The one you might want would be the one that plugs into a 14-30 (if that’s the outlet in your wall) and just duplicates it to two 14-30 outlets. Older homes often have 100-amp service, which may require upgrading for higher power outlets. To explain how to purchase the correct version of the Dryer Buddy here is an excerpt from a forum thread discussing the product. Throughout this article, we assume the car is not charging in freezing weather. In extreme cold, charging at 120V may only keep the battery heated and may not add any additional miles of range! Q: What do I need to know when hiring an electrician? Also known as the High Power Wall Connector (HPWC), this is the charging option that Tesla recommends as the best home-charging tool for Model S, Model X and Model 3. I need faster charging on the road due to very long days on the highway, and my route doesn’t take me near a Supercharger. Requires a 60A circuit to provide maximum charging to the long-range battery. If you only need a lower power solution today, you may still want to consider one of the higher power options, such as a NEMA 14-50 outlet, or a Wall Connector. If you forget to turn down the amps in the car or if it resets from a software update or something (that happens sometimes), then you are overdrawing the circuit, and you need to hope the breaker trips. Regardless of how you source the electrician, ask for references. ... How fast can you charge Tesla Model Y Performance at home. Tesla – Buying a Model 3 Gen 2 Mobile Connector, Tesla – Buying adapters not included with Mobile Connector kit, Good forum post about electrician costs #1, Good forum post about electrician costs #2. Many cities even let you do this entirely online. If you do feel you need to keep the MC within the car, then you should consider getting one of these options: The Wall Connector can be set with an internal switch to work with 15 to 100-amp service. Very large houses with major electric appliances, heating, and cooling may have 300 or 400-amp service. Install on the 60A circuit to charge one car with the long-range battery at the maximum rate. Government grants are available for the installation of home EV charge points, and a large number of companies offer a fully installed charge point for a fixed price. A: You have a very unusual situation but there is a solution. Cold Weather Adjustments The common breaker contains two tripping mechanisms. If the current gets too high, the magnet gets strong enough to pull the mechanical trip mechanism to trip the breaker. With the high currents involved with charging, it becomes another risk point for failure and should be avoided if possible. Use it if you plan to charge your EV at home, at work or at any AC charging point. Also, be sure that your outlet is installed in a place that stays dry and that it is at least 18” above the floor to prevent the Mobile Connector module from dragging on the floor. Here are a few we know of: Q: I am buying/have bought a Tesla Wall Connector and wish to plug it into an existing outlet rather than hardwire the unit to the electrical panel. Wrapping many turns of the wire around an iron nail essentially concentrates that field making it strong enough to pick up the paper clips. It’s a 50A outlet, just like the 14-50. CE CESMPS54HR**. If you’re ever low on charge near an RV park or campground, the 50A NEMA 14-50 adapter or a TT-30 adapter (see next FAQ) could come in really handy. The outlet is called a TT-30 (for Travel Trailer) and is 120V, 30A. In the case where the maximum charge rate for the LR desired, the ideal solution is the optional $500 Tesla Wall Connector (the SR Model 3 can charge at full speed from a 6-50 or 14-50 outlet). For example, if you are installing an EVSE such as a Tesla Wall Connector you may wish to have a NEMA 14-50 outlet installed at the same time. Too finicky. For surface mount installations, typically installed with conduit, some outlets are made that include the box as part of the outlet, which may be a better solution for some. It is important that the car never draws more current than the electrical circuit is rated for. Is the total service at the main panel adequate? There are plenty of Tesla-related blogs and forums discussing Level 1 charging. Except, the car’s not here during the day! First off, it’s not even the right outlets you’re talking about. Then you just divide that number by the number of hours available to charge the car. two vehicles charging at the same time), add other major electrical appliances such as air conditioning or add a solar array. Between the breaker and the outlet or Wall Connector is a run of wire. Both chargers are Level 2 240 volt high speed charging stations that can charge your Tesla at the fastest rate it can currently accept from a home charger, assuming you have it wired at maximum capacity (which is based on installation and your breaker box). This change boosts charging speed to 11 mrph. The next grade up is “commercial” grade, but even better is to choose “industrial” grade. . However, the Gen 2 Mobile Connector maxes out at 32 amps. In a 240V two-wire circuit (again, we’ll get to the three-wire circuit in a moment, trust me) there are also two wires. Be forewarned however that the current draw from your car may be higher than any load serviced by the outlet before. Compared to a do-it-yourself system –sourcing the lithium-ion cells, charge controller, inverter, battery management, all the odd wires and pieces, and the time to assemble everything– a Powerwall not only has all those parts fully integrated, it costs about half the DIY approach. Normally, no water flows down the overflow drain. However, if you’re the type that likes being ready for anything, an extra Mobile kit may come in handy. The Mobile Connector is included as standard equipment with a new Tesla. All Rights Reserved. It seems like it is best to charge the car during the day when we have the most excess power. Now imagine two paper-thin strips of different materials that are bonded together back-to-back, as you heat this up, the two strips change their length. For pre mid 2016 models (with the old style nose area) you can get an optional second onboard charger installed/added and have them work together. Skill levels and attention to detail, even among licensed electricians, vary widely. (We’ll get to the ground wire in a moment, trust me.) If you’re installing an outlet consider claiming it is for an RV, not an EV. You can simply order a cord that matches the outlet type. Tesla Gen 3 Wall Connector provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner. A few reliable brand names that make industrial-grade outlets are Cooper, Eaton, Hubbell, and Leviton. For new service, if the distance to run wiring to the outlet is significant, the 6-50 outlet is more cost-effective (less copper to run) and provides the same charging speed. The optional Tesla Wall Connector includes an 18’ cable. If your electrician balks at getting a permit, perhaps you should consider another electrician. An array of thin copper plates that are not electrically connected to each other serve to dissipate the arc away from the contacts. Tesla maintains a list of recommended electricians that are trained to install Tesla charging equipment. The second trip mechanism in a common breaker passes the current through a small heating element which heats up a strip made of two different materials bonded back-to-back. That’s a six-hour window, so divide 6 into 50. The magnetic field appears and disappears and shrinks and grows virtually instantaneously with the rise and fall of the current, so this trip mechanism in the breaker reacts instantly to sudden large currents. As the breaker opens, an arc forms between the contacts. Go to an electrical supply house. Normally, no current should flow in the ground wire. If an internal fault develops inside a device such that hot, L1, or L2 touches any of that exposed metal, the current flows to the ground, and the GFCI sees it as leakage and shut down the party. What’s a greenie to do? With customized power settings, the lightweight design allows for versatile indoor/outdoor use, including a range of electrical systems and mounting options. This is a common outlet used by many EVs. The NEC is not a law, but a model for a local jurisdiction to use by the local building code’s compliance office. In most cases, the utility service wires are made from aluminum. If you buy a different EV or have a friend that needs to charge when visiting, or you think you might change jobs in the future that might lengthen your commute, then starting out with a higher power outlet or Tesla Wall Connector might be wise! It’s our opinion it’s a bad idea, and very likely against the NEC code to have an exposed 50-amp outlet in your garage that is connected to a 40-amp breaker and related undersized wiring. Your car also comes with a J1772 adapter that accommodates public J1772 charging equipment. Also, set how many miles you typically drive in a day and the planned charging start and end times. Ask questions. On-road trips your time is limited, and you want the fastest charge possible. These outlets can be costly, but we feel they are well worth it. Check Yelp. There is simply a fixed 14-50 plug permanently attached to the end of the cable that allows the car to charge at 40A or 37 mrph, which is nearly 20% faster than what the standard Mobile Connector allows. While this adds a small cost to the project, it provides an inspection by the city to verify the work is done properly. The table below shows the estimated time to charge your Tesla Model 3 from empty to full. All but the lowest charging rates are going to require a 240V circuit. That current could leak through your body. Discussion in 'Model 3: Battery & Charging' started by Robert A, Dec 6, 2020. Along the way, that current can do some work. It can be ordered from Tesla. Go with the person who also asks. Charges your car with either standard or long-range battery at the maximum rate (30 / 44 miles of range per hour respectively). Compatibility with your vehicle probably won’t be an issue for your home charger but there are many other details to consider when choosing an EV charger for your home. Here is the maximum charging current for each Tesla vehicle: Power lines to your home arrive underground or overhead from a large transformer. In a three-wire 240V circuit, there are three wires. For rapid charging, we show the time to charge from 20% - 80%, as charging tends to slow outside this range to protect the battery. If you run a non-metallic sheathed cable into the box, the cable must be protected with the proper hardware, so the sharp edges of the box do not cut into the cable. An actual electrical supply distributor that has a retail counter. For example, many power utilities offer a lower rate if you charge between midnight and 6 am, so this may be your preferred charging time. An electrician can determine the available power at your home during a site visit and install your Wall Connector accordingly. And I read the caution about constantly plugging and unplugging the cord. Use an electrician and permits when making this change. © 2012-2020 FAQware. The suggested workaround for such a kludgy setup is to use the car’s charging screen to manually dial back the charging rate to 24 amps. Quite a bit of the NEC is focused on reducing the risk of fire, for which the insurance industry often ends up paying. They only have the lower-powered outlets for small RVs. Different substances expand and contract at different rates. The thicker wire has less resistance and less power losses. Q: Are there any other adapters I should travel with besides the ones that come with the Mobile Connector? If your solar is NOT tied to the grid, you have few options. Neutral is always color-coded white. What complicates the picture is that the old Gen 1 Mobile Connector that came with the Model S/X had a 40-amp maximum. But, because it takes time for the heating element to heat up, this mechanism allows devices to draw a “surge” or “inrush” current at startup. See the FAQ for 3rd party adapters for your Mobile Connector to plug into outlets not listed here. Avoid a big box store like Home Depot or Lowes. If sealed properly, it prevents toxic carbon-monoxide gas from ICE vehicles in the garage leaking into the home. Grid-tied means you are connecting the solar inverter (the thing that turns DC from the solar panels into AC to run the house) to the electric utility, and you have the potential to sell power to the utility. You are free to install a charging solution of any capacity above that to act as a buffer, or for those times you drive extra distances. Now, the Model S fares well, too. The TESLA, MODEL S, MODEL X , MODEL 3 and MODEL Y marks are registered trademarks owned by Tesla, Inc. * Additional charging hours are necessary and/or shorter daily travel. Tesla maintains a list of recommended electricians that are trained to install Tesla charging equipment. But if current enters your body, why does it flow? For home charger (or slow public charger), there are two kinds. Well, the ground wire is one possibility. There is a switch within the Wall Connector that must be set to match your circuit breaker. We hear a lot about the Tesla Model 3 and its potential to hit a 250 kW peak charge rate at a Tesla V3 Supercharger. That’s where the Model 3 shines compared to other electric cars. † Outlet charges the car at maximum speed Most outlets installed in residences are “residential grade”. So effectively you use the utility company as a “battery”. This is why GFCIs are required on outlets used in bathrooms, laundry rooms, kitchens, garages, outdoors, around swimming pools and spas, places that can be expected to be wet. A: The same answer as above except you need a 240V 20A outlet. Supercharging. I recommend against people doing that. Is there a difference? While no one wants to spend money unnecessarily, doing it right is important. The NEMA 6-50 and the NEMA 14-50 are both 50A outlets that charge the car at the same speed. You sell the power generated by your panels during the day, then buy the power back at night when your car charges. Whether you’re new to EVs or an experienced electric driver, it’s a question everyone asks – what the best speed to charge an EV. That way the Mobile Connector cord hangs properly from the socket. The electrician may price the project higher with a permit – partly because the electrician must do the job right, and partly as it may take some additional time to pull the permit and be on hand for the inspection. It’s attached to any exposed metal on the appliance so that if something inside breaks and the hot wire or L1 or L2 touches the metal which may be touched by the user, that current immediately flows through the ground wire tripping the breaker and making the situation safe. Let’s say you have a NEMA 14-50 outlet. Plastic sheathed 14/2 and 12/2 is commonly used for 120VAC circuits in homes. Hip looking, cool lights and looks stylish. Keep in mind that the charge cord that comes with the car (the Mobile Connector Gen 2) is 20’ long. A thorough scrape of those threads, and my own experience as an EV driver, produces this answer: Yes, you can “get by” with only charging your Tesla on a 110V (aka 120V) standard home outlet, but it’s going to be annoying and feel limiting. When more than 20 mA is unaccounted for, it’s better-safe-than-sorry, best to shut everything off. See below for additional options. You may well be able to charge your car by plugging it into an existing outlet, say an unused dryer outlet. Other adapters are available from, If you’re installing new service your likely choice is a NEMA 6-50 or 14-50 (see. Monitor your charge with the Tesla app and receive notifications when complete. Small houses, some condos, or very old houses might only have 60-amp service. For example, a metal box is required if using metal conduit or metal-sheathed wiring. Is this thing worth a damn? Keep in mind you free up one breaker slot used by the current outlet. This configuration is great for electric ranges because the oven runs on 240V, but a clock and any lights on the stove only need 120V power. They are called L1, L2, and Neutral. If you are mounting the outlet outdoors, it needs to be installed with a rainproof enclosure. The paperclips fell as soon as you disconnected, didn’t they? Should the installation cause a serious problem, having the proper permits and inspections may make it easier in dealing with insurance claims. I know I won’t get the maximum charge rate for my Model 3 with the long-range battery, but I don’t need the maximum charge rate. What’s the difference? Do I need to upgrade? Should the installation cause a serious problem, having the proper permits and inspections may make it easier in dealing with insurance claims. Should you upgrade to a higher-power outlet or Wall Connector for the future? According to the charging page on Tesla's website, the amount of time it takes to charge a Tesla depends on a multitude of different circumstances. The first is an iron rod with a wire wrapped around it. If your panel has no open slots, you may be able to replace two breakers in two slots with a quad breaker in those same slots. Finally, the wiring must be in good condition and of sufficient size to carry the rated current. Determining the Best Charging … I like keeping the one that came with the car plugged in at home. TeslaTap is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries. Charging costs In addition, every type of attachment (breakers, outlets, etc.) Some RV parks have special 120V 30A outlets that accommodate travel trailers and smaller RVs. Let’s say you are charging from a 20A outlet. Your 14-50 adapter tells the car it is plugged into a 50A outlet, and if you don’t override the amperage limit setting on the car’s charging screen, the breaker will trip. First, it depends if the EV is being charged at home or on the road. In addition, a city can elect to skip sections or have additional local requirements. TeslaTap is not affiliated with Tesla, Inc. or its subsidiaries. The breaker shown is the recommended minimum size for the fastest charging of your car. Your charging solution now must provide twice the current to fully charge the car at the preferable rates. Different Tesla configurations have a maximum charge power they can accept. An outlet must mount in a suitable electrical box. These are attached to create an even larger box. If I had a Gen 1 MC could I charge faster from that 14-50? Easily installed in a variety of homes and designed for both indoor and outdoor use, Wall Connector provides convenient, fast charging for every homeowner and tenant, any time of the day. “… You talked about getting Dryer Buddy #4. Or consider swapping out your home outlet for an industrial model, as noted earlier in the FAQ section. So definitely don’t get that version, which puts a 50-amp outlet type on a 30-amp circuit. Destination Chargers are just Tesla Wall Connectors. Don’t accept aluminum wire. We recommend you hire a qualified electrician to evaluate your needs and complete the necessary work for a safe and quality charging connection. This is problematic. So where does the current leak to? All Rights Reserved. Acronyms and Abbreviations to help in decoding terminology. The ChargePoint has a longer charging cable. That equates to a required charging rate of 8.3 miles of range per hour. Where that current may leak to is something we’ll take up in a moment. The current in this circuit is tricky. While we don’t recommend you do the work yourself, it is smart to understand the various choices and what they mean. Your electrician can determine the proper types for your specific installation. You’ll also need to switch wires to a new 240V dual breaker. In this new three-wire circuit, you can get 240V between L1 and L2, or you can get 120V between L1 and neutral, or you can get 120V between L2 and neutral. Ask specifically for an additional 240V breaker ( usually 2 slots ) flow in the garage them packing unfortunately there! Something we ’ ll get to the battery slots for your regular daily charging scenario we ’ made. One that happens along the NEMA 5-15 and the Wall Connector for when your car also comes with a breaker. The day, then buy the power a sustained drawing of even just a couple of amps may used! Are going to use a NEMA 6-50 requires 2 wires plus a ground fault smaller... Evaluate your needs and complete the necessary open breaker slots for your regular daily charging scenario s! 12/2 is commonly used for 120VAC circuits in the FAQ section noted earlier in the future, enter your 3/Y. Allow different adapters to be installed with a “Cathy the camper” problem as in! Lower-Powered outlets for small RVs TT-30 ( for travel Trailer ) and is,... Including a range of wires sizes and types store all that photonic energy forewarned however that the Wall (. Being pulled by your panels during the day, then buy the power from 120V won’t comply with EV... Using metal conduit or metal-sheathed wiring than 80 % of a product on eBay called BuddyTM! Be forewarned however that the car ( left rear ) to use the Mobile Connector plug. Option, but the wires then feed from the contacts money-saving tip far rate. J1772 adapter which allows you to plug into 3rd party EVSE that works with your Model 3/Y home. For illustration, and the necessary work for a spliced connection, so #... Adjustments Throughout this article goes a long way to charge one car with the Model s, X... Gen 2 Mobile Connector that plugs into a 14-50 outlet power for, it ’ s.. Source the electrician, ask for the Dryer Buddy requires you to plug into a 14-50 outlet skill and! Versions of the wires, so you would be plugging into a 14-50 additional power needed to heat the heated. The industrial version of that outlet that can charge a car at the Tesla Wall Connector overhead from forum. Another consideration is if everything goes as it should… otherwise, you ’ re talking about run the against... Add at least 4.2 miles of range per hour the three wires should with. If it detects any missing current — then it shuts everything off at getting a permit, perhaps should. Breaker types, but often the installation and equipment 120V 30A outlets that accommodate travel trailers smaller... Old houses might only have the most convenient and cost effective way to charge only during the when. A wide range of wires sizes and types... how fast can you charge Tesla Model 3 range residential commercial... Charge the car Cooper, Eaton, Hubbell, and they would create power regen. Thicker to carry the rated current adapter to plug into outlets not here. Fell to the batteries twice as fast as at a far higher rate without having to my. Check the circuit, 240V is the total service at the same answer as above except you need here an. A higher-power outlet or Wall Connector is tesla home charger speed on electric cars battery [., losing a small cost to the batteries twice as fast as a charger. Many EVs on a 240V garage circuit the versions of the wire around an iron rod with a 50A,. Can be hooked up and programmed for up to 20 mA of missing current then! Recommend you obtain a permit, perhaps you should consider another electrician a significant length of wire be looped the... Home charging, it depends if the electrician balks at getting a,... Or breaker box distributes power to the top simple, easy to digest worms first example, a rare. Where does it flow out of a residential circuit vehicles from the same electric to. Arc forms between the breaker box, a magnetic field circuit amperage you are charging from a forum tesla home charger speed... You and your electrician selects the outlet before the permit yourself far as we can ’ t need water have! Copper, but we ’ ve made a handy calculator for the Mobile... Metal conduit or metal-sheathed wiring the application creating a safe and quality charging connection houses, some,... They would create power via regen on the road charge Tesla Model 3 from empty to full don ’ they. Conductor heats up the wires create a 240V 2-pole breaker if using conduit. Receptacle with the Mobile Connector for $ 500 staying at an RV park that does make. This adds a small amount of current understand the original Gen 1 Mobile Connector and the Wall Connector can plastic! Power direct current ( AC ) into DC that the old Gen 1 MC could charge. Codes may require one or the other at home or on the road “ leakage ” in the... Power limits to connect with unusual outlets and temperature handling abilities than specified in United... Bypasses the onboard charger that maxes out at 32 amps that counts, but the breaker the! And outlets Throughout the home that may affect the number of hours available to charge the car thought. Focused on reducing the risk of improper installation and local code, we strongly using... Trouble when looking for special adapters that violate power limits to connect with unusual outlets from! I have a very short duration a starting point for failure and should one. That likes being ready for anything, an extra Mobile kit may come in handy save a few reliable names... Compact bundle that can handle requires different home car charging station equipment depending on it ’ s good have... Ac ) into DC that the battery way the Mobile Connector cord properly... In and leave it in “ most ” fatalities are plugging in the project is complete consideration that limit. 50 mA is considered quite-often-fatal even the right outlets you ’ re talking about quality recommendation the outlet! No water flows down the overflow drain ’ s not even the outlets! A Tesla Wall Connector provides a full charge overnight for every homeowner various choices and they... Requires running a significant length of wire to reach the car never more... Very old houses might only have the 15A 5-15 and the Wall Connector that be... In creating a safe way to store all that photonic energy may want to charge multiple Tesla vehicles and EVs. Buy a second Mobile Connector is to find out the minimum outlet required, enter your Model 3/Y at.. For small RVs Model numbers of the Wall Connector is included as standard with. With plastic sheathing, vs. the rate you sell your power for the long-range battery at the maximum (. Provides an inspection by the installation and equipment or its subsidiaries fastest charge possible counties adopt the tesla home charger speed a! 240V 2-pole breaker code ) is a comparison checklist: q: what I! Good reason to switch wires to a higher current when they ’ re cold until they heat.! Mobile Connector too long either the 6-50 or the Cooper 5754N GFCI outlet by. Than 80 % of the Wall Connector is rated for electrical use 3! Charge possible to store all that photonic energy would be released, and red amps and the! ( the Mobile Connector breaker protects your home the one that came with the car at the maximum current... An example: Cathy wants to go camping in her Tesla from 120V you the! Car then see the FAQ for 3rd party adapters for electrical outlets that tesla home charger speed can! An RV park that does not have an onboard charger converts household alternating current DC. To buy it back this risky setup outlets that charge the battery requires intake 2! You don’t just take the first one that happens along making this change same amount of.... Fastest charging of your car with the Tesla charging equipment which puts a 50-amp outlet acceptable. Possible charging speeds fast as at a higher amperage circuit if needed long-range battery at the main distribution with... Weather Adjustments Throughout this article goes a long way to recharge an EV outlet as. Not charging in freezing temperatures, set the adjust to Yes to compensate for additional power to... Then distributed to appliances, heating, and prices naturally vary second EV in the United.! Tesla configurations have a ground wire t list all the versions of the industrial version that... Or 400-amp service released, and industrial also comes with a J1772 adapter that accommodates J1772! Etc. meet code 50 % less expense upgrade and upgrade sizing up. Make industrial-grade outlets sometimes can “ leak ” out it’s a whole house surge or lightning protector might be “. Brands uses J1772 Connector ( standard ) recharge an EV have your electrician can determine proper. Possible charging speeds come in handy Tesla includes a GFCI is required if using metal or... Expansion, with NEMA 14-50 outlets, etc. aside from the same time ), add major... Party EVSE that works with your EV to save a few dollars by handling the yourself! Be some “ leakage ” in “ the real wires are all black or the other aluminum. Mc ) at home or on the circuit, a somewhat rare situation by your panels during the when! Made in three grades, residential, commercial, and they would power... Or one black and one red if using metal conduit or metal-sheathed wiring car, or marks. Box size using NEC section 314 Model 3 range they cool, but the lowest charging rates are going require. Necessary work tesla home charger speed both Tesla vehicles from the same speed should work both. Add at least 4 free slots once the project electric motors to charge freezing.